Grass-Fed Cows and Raw Milk In Malaysia

Such a happy day for me because I was just asking my husband over the weekend where we could buy Raw Milk here in Malaysia, and Alhamdulillah, today my question was answered as we found it while doing our grocery shopping!

It’s simple stuff like this that can really make my day.

So, we were in the dairy section at Village Grocer, Bangsar Village and saw this cute bottle branded “Bright Cow – Fresh Jersey Milk”. Jersey cows? Awesome! And what was even more awesome was when I saw that the milk was Non Pasteurised, and Non Homogenised. Score! It’s RAW!

I love reading labels and scanning the whole product, so then I saw that it was 100% Malaysian. Support local products? DEFINITELY! Especially if it’s well-made quality stuff. But then I immediately asked my husband, “How much is it?” I was hoping it would be around RM7-8, but it wasn’t too bad. Village Grocer’s price was RM9.39.

We bought it and went straight home. I was nervous about drinking it. Would it be good? Tasty? Horrible? Well, there was only one way to find out. Poured out a glass and took a sip. WOW! It’s excellent! It reminded me of the delicious fresh milk we had in Germany. I like the taste but I wouldn’t be able to explain it well. You’ll just have to go and try it yourself.

Anyway, I just had to read up on them and gain more information about Bright Cow. (I love doing research.) We were really happy to find out that the cows are mainly grass-fed as we love our dairy products to come from grass-fed cows. They do however supplement with rice straw and 100% natural vegetable pellets. We’d love it if the cows were 100% grass-fed, but I guess that’s okay. I’m just truly grateful that buying raw milk is now easier.

For those who stumbled upon this post and can’t figure out why I’m crazy for raw milk from grass-fed cows, hop on over HERE – it explains what I believe in. I also like Chris Kresser’s article. Read THIS as well as it’s very informative. Feel free to google more about it though and form your own educated opinion.


23 thoughts on “Grass-Fed Cows and Raw Milk In Malaysia

    • Hi,
      Just read your post on raw milk. I totally believe in drinking a good amount and giving my family too. Despite my sister in law telling me constantly about various reasons why we should NOT drink commercial homogenized / pasteurised milk ( she works for PETA) I continued. But your post with connecting links is so clear as to why processed milk is actually harming us. Thanks

  1. Hi, I was super excited to find this product too. I immediately called one of the directors to check if the cows had been treated with any hormones or antibiotics and they had not been! It also tastes delicious. However, when I attempted to make raw butter, I was thoroughly disappointed to find my butter a bright white instead of deep golden yellow 😦 a cow fed mainly/ only grass would produce milk that will make rich nutrient- dense deep yellow butter. When I went to their feedback page to clarify more on the cows diet, the page failed 😦 while its important the milk is raw, it’s equally important that the cows are fed grass.

    • Hi Sumi, So cool that you tried making raw butter! I wanted to as well but it’s hard to collect the cream. How do you do it? As for clarification on the cows’ diet, perhaps you can try contacting them through their FB page? Hope you’ll share your findings here!

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  3. We are actually moving to Malaysia from the US at the end of March. We don’t use raw, but we absolutely use non-homogenized. Do you know where we can find this in Selangor? Thanks!

  4. In Penang, I’ve been buying Farm Fresh milk products assuming they are grass fed (because why would Malaysians feed corn to their cows absent an enormous corn lobby/subsidy as we have in the US). Then I did a little research. As far as I can tell, the pictures on their FB feed show cows in grass pastures. +1. But nowhere have I read ‘grass-fed’ -1. Then I found this: which says Holstein Milk Co (aka Farm Fresh aka Nubian Goat Farm) buys ‘Minerals Premix, Milk Replacer, Corn and Soy Bean Meal, Milk Powders, Alfalfa Hay, …’. Hmmm.

    I’ve sent a PM via their FB page asking for clarification about the cow feed. I’m really hoping they only eat grass.

    • Hi Laura! Did you get any clarification from them? I believe for now, only Bright Cow is mainly grass-fed with supplements from rice straw and 100% natural vegetable pellets. I’m hoping the vegetable pellets don’t contain soy and/or corn.

      By the way, check out Ivan’s comment below. Apparently Happy Goats is grass-fed and in Penang! Lucky Penangites!

  5. I’m in Ipoh..I’m intoall these raw grass fed, organc, non-chemical / antibiotic-injected poultry and produce..but’s so disappointing. U guys in KL and Penang very lucky.
    Sob-sob for me 😦

  6. supply to KL frozen raw goat’s milk in 1 litre bottles. In case you are serious of consuming grass fed raw goat’s milk, Happy Goats can always arrange for 15 bottles of 1 litre frozen goat’s milk packed in form box sent to you in Ipoh. Quality of frozen milk is consistent and the milk can last for 4 months in frozen form and once defreeze it’s good for 5 days. Give Ivan a call at 0164191881 if you need more information.

    • True. Nowadays we have to be a chooser to get the best for our health. I love organic products. How grateful if we have organic milk in malaysia like in US. For those who are consume vco, virgin coconut oil. Kindly, contact: 017-436 3649 or visit my blog. Coldpressvco.blogspot. com

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