My Yogurt Buying Adventure Part 2

Continuation from Part 1

It’s funny how I find what I’m looking for soon after I want it. Just like my search for Raw Milk, thank you God.

One fine day, I found myself at Plaza Damas for a meeting. I wasn’t expecting to find anything amazing when I headed to Mercato afterwards. As I was walking towards the yogurt section, I saw my fav brand of  cheddar cheese (Kerrygold), butter (Anchor and Kerrygold). Since they were all there, I got excited to check out their yogurt selection.

And, WOW! What a selection it was. They even had Stonyfield! But it was low-fat, boo-hoo! Or was it non-fat? What I do know is that it wasn’t whole milk yogurt. Le sigh! So I skimmed the shelves; they had all the yogurts I’ve seen before and then some soy yogurt and special-for-babies yogurt. My eyes suddenly caught the words “whole milk” on the babies yogurt. What?! Only babies’ get the privilege of whole milk yogurt? Fine, I thought, at least I can finally buy whole milk yogurt. But when I scrutinized the tubs, it was all flavoured yogurt. No natural PLAIN yogurt! Please yogurt guys, I just want natural, plain whole milk yogurt. Is that too much to ask? I don’t want flavoured yogurt as its full of sugar and other stuff.

As browsing yogurt seems to be my hobby, I checked out the big tubs of yogurt. I disregarded the usual ones I knew weren’t made with whole milk and saw Nancy’s Organic yogurt. They had her non-fat yogurts in the individual small packs, but the big tub ones looked a bit different. JACKPOT! It’s Whole Milk PLAIN yogurt!! They also stocked her Greek yogurt (yes, whole milk as well). Okay, okay. Calm down. Get yourself together and read the ingredients label. I’m happy to say that the first ingredient was Whole Milk. However, I wasn’t too happy reading the second ingredient — “Nonfat Milk Powder”. I wanted 100% whole milk but beggars can’t be choosers. So I got it and it definitely tasted better than the previous yogurt I got (the one that tricked me into thinking it wasn’t low-fat) BUUUUT it still didn’t taste quite right. I’m sure it’s the nonfat milk powder. Hehe. Picky, picky me.

However, the next time I went grocery shopping, I went back to look again at Malaysia’s own Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt. It claims to contain live cultures, no colouring, no preservatives and made from 100% fresh cow’s milk. I had come across this yogurt from the beginning but it didn’t say whether it was whole milk or skim milk and it also didn’t state which live cultures it contained. However, this time, I checked the Nutrition Facts and saw that it had more than 3.25% milk fat which makes it whole milk. Awesome! And it’s made from 100% fresh whole milk, which means there is no mixing with powdered milk powder. Plus point: it’s locally made. I love supporting quality local products! If only they had a proper ingredients label that I could read through and stated the type of live cultures used, I would’ve bought this in the first place.

Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt 400g

The only other yogurt I found that is made from fresh whole milk is Jalna’s BioDynamic Organic Yogurt with Bush Honey. It’s not plain however, but the ingredients look good. No funny stuff. It’s also much more pricier than our local Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt.


35 thoughts on “My Yogurt Buying Adventure Part 2

  1. I stumble into you blog and found such an interesting read on you yogurt adventures.

    I’m from Farm Fresh Mawai Dairy Farm. Our Natural yogurt is made from 100% Pure whole milk. We use no Preservative, Stabilizer and coloring. Just natural whole milk with Probiotiq cultures from CHR Hansen. Our live cultures consist of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus Themorpilus. We pasteurized our raw milk before our yogurt fermentation process. By law, in Malaysia, or even in US, Europe and Australia, we are not allowed to sell raw milk products. This can bring serious health risks should the milk came from sick cows, such as Brucellosis and Tuberculosis. Last year DVS quarantine station culled 43 imported cow from Teberculosis infection. If ones happen to drink such milk, it will bring severe consequences. E Coli can be very dengerous to young children’s. Farm hygiene can never be taken for granted, especially when when it is run foreign workers. As to Raw milk is better then Pasteurized milk is a matter of debate. 2000 years ago, you don’t find all these weird viruses mutation. Today it is totally a different world. We farm our dairy to the most Natural environment that we could. As organically as we could to produce the most delicious natural pure fresh milk .
    Check out our Co brief video presentation.

    Hope you will enjoy and appreciate our dairy produce. One of our company’s core value is, we will not sell anything that our own children’s will not consume.

    Mawai Dairy Farm

    • Hello Loi Tuan Ee,
      Thank you so much for your comment and sharing that wonderful video. I’m honoured that someone from Mawai Dairy Farm came to my humble blog. I really love your yogurt because it’s all natural with 100% pure WHOLE milk! It’s really hard to find any yogurt in Malaysia that does not use skim milk products! Also love the fact that you use no preservatives, stabilizers and colorings. I am really proud to support quality local products. Keep up the great work!

  2. Okay, I have been on a yogurt hunting journey and I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Obviously I am from Malaysia hence I am looking at your page right now >D Well it all started with my mom bugging me to stop eating yogurt because she says they cause cancer so I have been looking up the net for quite some while for natural yogurt that is good and healthy for your body instead of one that causes cancer >.> Cause yogurt is my daily breakfast!

    Seems like I have found the perfect yogurt for me to go on without my mom nagging me! Gonna ditch my current yogurt brand and switch to Farm Fresh instead!

    P/s: Wow o.o Farm Fresh representative commenting on your page. That’s AWESOME!

    • Hi Mishberries!
      Thanks so much for your comment. Hope you like Farm Fresh’s yogurt! I like eating it with dates or manuka honey 🙂

      • Hey love! Thanks for visiting my blog and also leaving such lovely comments! I am a truly converted Farm Fresh Yogurt + Fresh milk believer now! And wow, the taste is really full and creamy!! ❤ Thanks so much for doing this post and I am so happy I actually stumbled upon your blog! ❤

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  4. Hello , i found out that your article regarding yogurt buying was very interesting. I’m also a total yogurt lover too! I’ve tried various brand of yogurt in Malaysia ,but some of it were imported such as yoplait plain yogurt from australia and emmi switzerland product , they taste nice and thick , but it is pricey . So there’s a brand i want to recommend is ‘super yogurt’ , (look for plain one)traditionally made in malaysia (patriotic! Haha) website:
    ,it has no added perservative , sugar , gelatine… etc , its plain pure , and it taste sour and creamy ! You should really try this! Farm fresh brand yogurt was bit of watery , i dislike that, but it is one of the healthy and cost saving variety.

    • Dear Jenne, our Farm Fresh Natural yogurt as you rightly pointed out contain no Preservatives, Sugar, Stabilizer and Starch ( thickener ). Therefore, ours is not thick compare to others brand. The watery effect came from the natural whey protein liquid. Why would you want to consume unnecessary Gum that was used to thicken their product?
      The only real thick yogurt came from Greek style yogurt. Where the whey water is strained away partially. That process will give you a naturally Rich, Creamy and Thick yogurt. But unfortunately, most of them are made from skim milk powder. If our production planning permit, next year we will launch our Farm Fresh Greek yogurt.
      Thank you for your support.
      Best regards
      Farm Fresh Dairy Produce.

      • Greetings , Loi Tuan Yee.
        I’m truly Sorry for my comment above.i did not mean to say anything negative about your brand , just my personal taste is different ^^ because i love yogurt that ore sour and creamy .it is wonderful that your product contained no other substances in it.The market is fortunate to have such honest company like yours ♥ looking forward for your greek yogurt next year!
        Thank you for your advice and leaving reply!: )
        Best wishes

    • Hi Nues Jenne, thank you for your input and I apologize for my very late reply! I will check it out the next time I go to the grocers!

    • I love SuperYogurt too! I used to get mine at Cold Storage, Gardens MidValley but they don’t stock it there anymore. So sad. I’ve been to other Cold Storages but they always get scooped up very quickly. The plain one is good, but the vanilla one is really delicious; dessert-worthy! Their live and active cultures listed on the container and are Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum & Streptococcus Thermophilus.
      Find them here:

  5. Hope to see Farm Fresh’s Greek Yogurt in stores soon too!
    I can’t wait! This is the only yogurt I trust doing atkin/low carb diet!

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  7. I’m really loving the theme/design of your website.
    Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility problems?
    A handful of my blog audience have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks
    great in Opera. Do you have any solutions to help fix this problem?

  8. farm yogurt super yogurt fatty2 yogurt all no use if I can’t find it on the shelves.
    come on guys send some of your love to the east coast.

    all I could find here is that nestle yogurt drink

    • I’ve found the manufacturers are quite responsive when you message them. Except for Super Yogurt. I haven’t had any luck getting a reply from them. Which is pity since it’s my favourite. 😦

  9. Love your milk, love your yoghurt, only problem is it’s not easily available as like Nestle and some other brands. The yoghurt comes in big tub which is quite difficult to finish within 2-3 days for a single person. Would u consider producing smaller tubs like nestle so that one can finish it in one go.

    • Dear Margaret, sorry for such a late reply. For now ours smallest packaging is 400g. In the pipe line by July or Aug, we will launch our Greek Yogurt and Flavour yogurt in 120g packing. Thank you for your support.

      • Loo Tuan Ee, thank you for your reply. Noted you will be launching Greek yoghurt and flavour yoghurt in 120g package. Is there any chance of having the natural yoghurt in 120g? Many of my friends and relatives are in favor of a smaller tub of the plain yoghurt.

        • Dear Margaret, yes, both our Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt and Flavours Yogurt will be in our new 120g packing format. Thanks

        • Loi Tuan Ee, I refer to my earlier email dated April 29, and was informed by you that 120g natural and flavored yoghurt will be out in the market in July/August. However I have yet to see that in all the supermarket I go to. Have you launch them yet? Am looking forward for that. Thank you.

          • Dear Margaret,

            We have delayed our Greek Yogurt launch to next year. At present our plant are busy coping with our existing range. All the equipments for Greek production are in place already. We will try to roll out asap.

            Thank you for your interest.

            Best regards
            Farm Fresh

  10. I found Farm Fresh’s plain yogurt while shopping for full fat yogurt. As the greek yogurts and the other full fat ones were overly expensive, I decided to give it a go and I love it! Its creamy plus its not overly sour and sweet just like how yogurt should taste~ ^_^ The 400g tub only lasts 3 rounds in my fridge (breakfast, supper and the following day’s breakfast) by just scooping em in a cup and eat it on its own! XD

  11. Hi warmfuzzy88, Just bought farm fresh yogurt few days ago to eat and do not know the correct way to eat.

    -Is they any minimum or maximum time to eat once it is outside the 4 degree Celsius temp freezer to place it at dinning table?

    -How much we eat(ml or gm) per day is consider enough for an adult?
    -Can I open and eat like that or should mix with other fruits or …?
    -If open fridge many times and caused yogurt required 4 deg C temp is way out, so can continue eating?
    -How soon can I be felt the effectiveness? In what way or form or body reaction by itself?
    -If I stop eating 1 day or 2 day, is it okay? Then continue…………

    Best regards,

  12. Dear Lau, I consumed about 150g daily usually with some fruits like berries or mixed nuts. Depend on your preference, you can eat it as it is while it’s cold or leave for 30 mins or so and eat it at ambient temperature. Our Yogurt is good for a week after open. Please ensured that a clean spoon is used to scoop the yogurt to prevent contamination. Most of our customers appreciate our natural yogurt for its effectiveness ( Lactobacilus Probiotics) to assist bowel movement. It’s ok to stop a few days and resume. Hope these answer your questions. Kindest regards Farm Fresh.

  13. Hi. I’m a huge fan of Farm fresh yogurt. I have a intestinal problem including bloats (due to allergy of gluten). I could only find very expensive yogurts and with such limited income I was unable to buy and I was suffering at least a year of bloat issue. When I first saw Farm fresh yogurt on the shelves I read through the description and price of course and calculating and then i saw PROBIOTIC with 90billion of good bacteria etc etc! I quickly took it with no question asked. And thank god it was much cheaper also. Was never a huge fan of Nestle yogurt. Since then I have been consuming the yogurt everyday, Once a day and ever since my intestinal problem and bloat has gone. I have to say, Fresh Farm has really put the pain away. As now, I am actually feeding this to my GSD dog who is also suffering from bloats and intestinal disease – HA! like dog like owner huh? HEEEHEHEHEHEHE! Thanks FARM FRESH!!! I hope the Greek version won’t be too expensive and will be able to come in 1.5KG just like the other one! MUAAAHHHHH!

    • Hi Girl, I’m glad that our Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt are able to help your bloat symptoms. Indeed, we received many favourable feedback about our Natural Yogurt on how it help their stomach problems. Glad to hear that your cute puppy included. As for Greek Yogurt, the price is much dearer then the normal yogurt. For your knowledge, it take almost 3 kgs of normal yogurt to produce 1 kg of Authentic Greek Yogurt, hence the price is more expensive. However, 120g serving is almost equivalent to 300g normal yogurt. Thanks & Kindest regards. Farm Fresh.

      • I understand Greek yogurt is much more work. I was just only saying since I love Greek yogurt. Has it been out yet? I haven’t seen yet in Aeon Wangsa Maju. Also is it possible to visit the farm? 😀 If so, I would love to visit the cows!

        • We have yet to launch our Greek Yogurt. Target to roll out in Aug or Sep this year. At the moment, our semi-finish recipes still in our kitchen. We wasn’t very happy with our fruits prep. Probably, this year end we will open up our new dairy in Muadzam Pahang to visitors during the school holidays. Please follow our update at our Facebook. Farm Fresh Dairy Produce. Cheer….

  14. I am always a yoghurt lover. But I stopped eating yoghurt few years ago when I started to be active at the gym and started to watch diet.

    Like Warmfuzzy, I couldn’t find any healthy plain yoghurt with low sugar content.
    Now, I really feel like having yoghurt back in my diet again, so I google for reviews on yoghurt and found this blog.
    So glad that the blogger and someone from Farm Fresh share the experience.

    I started drinking Farm Fresh fresh milk few months ago. I have been checking out their yoghurt but It is not so easily available. I only see flavoured yoghurt drink but never come across plain yoghurt.
    Can someone tell me where can I get it?

    Thank you.

    • Dear Snoweee,

      Thank you for you support. I’m glad that you like our fresh milk. We have our Natural Yogurt in Tub packaging. It come in 400g and 1.5kgs. You have to search at yogurt section. Hope this info help.

      Thank you

  15. i get the Bright cows milk sent to my house in Kota Kemuning. I love their yoghurt range as well as their cottage cheese.

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