Natural No Poo Hair Care

I’ve been blessed with a head full of dark locks, Alhamdulillah. I grew up desiring a certain kind of hair while that certain-kind-of-haired girls dreamt of having my kind of hair. Typical of wanting what you don’t have and thinking that it’s always greener on the other side. But yes, in my late teens, as soon as I had enough money to have my hair’s texture changed, I went to a salon and had it done. And I went through all that hassle of its upkeep and whatnot. After learning to love almost everything about myself, I let my hair grow naturally and had all the chemically processed hair chopped off. When I started to let my hair go au naturel, whenever my girlfriends saw me, they would ask if I just came from the salon or if I had my hair done.

I’ve tried a lot of those popular shampoos you see in stores but would only be happy with them for the first few washes. Then it just doesn’t feel spectacular anymore. I tried switching to natural shampoo, but I find that it makes my hair feel stiff when wet and even worse after it’s dried.

One day, I stumbled upon “No Poo“. Google it and see if it’ll change your mind and make you test it out. A friend of mine tried it and told me that because she had such big hair, she couldn’t do it properly and didn’t like the outcome. So she ditched it. After I read so many peoples’ stories online about their No Poo journey, I figured that I would try it out after I cut my hair shorter. That way, I wouldn’t tangle my hair out too much in the beginning. I think this was wise because after No Poo-ing with short hair, my transition stage wasn’t noticeable and I’ve been No Poo-ing for more than a couple of years now. Sure, there are a few times I think about going back to normal store-bought shampoo but since I’m happy with the way my hair looks and feels, there really is no reason to change back.

The Truth About No Poo
Okay, is it really that great? I’ve had to learn the hard way, so read up if you want to try this out.
* Disclaimer: This is my story and every person will have different hair conditions and reactions. There is NO one cure for everyone. I’m just penning down my experience in case anybody would like to take this route.
– No Poo uses baking soda mixed in water solution as your “shampoo” and vinegar mixed in water solution as your “conditioner”. You’ll see that there’ll be different measurements as to how much baking soda, water and vinegar is used. When I found my “perfect measurement”, the nth time I tried it, it didn’t feel so awesome anymore and I had to change the amounts used. So for me, the amounts used on my head always changes. There is no perfect solution (pun intended).
– Don’t go overboard with the baking soda. Always, always make sure it is thoroughly rinsed out. You do not want to look like you have a bad case of dandruff!
– Some blogs I’ve read said they used about 1 tablespoon baking soda in a cup of water or something like that. I find that less than 1 teaspoon in a bowl of water suits me better. The water when the baking soda is mixed in will have a slightly “slimy” feel.
– People say to rinse with a vinegar solution (I use apple cider vinegar [ACV]) and that the smell dissipates as your hair dries. True, the smell from the hair does dissipate. BUT, the ACV that gets onto your scalp and into your pores will make you smell when you sweat it out. Trust me, I live in hot, humid Malaysia. So from then on, I would rinse it out really well. For a time, I tried to only apply the ACV solution to the length of my hair and not the roots and scalp. But I feel that putting it on your scalp helps get rid of any excess baking soda, so please make sure to rinse it out well.
– My ACV solution would be just a few drops of ACV in a bowl of water as I don’t like the strong smell. Use what works with you as everybody’s needs will be different.
– If I feel like I want my scalp to be rinsed as well, instead of using ACV, I rinse with plain 100% carbonated water only. You wouldn’t want sugar or lemon flavour on your scalp!
– I love air-drying my hair and the texture my hair gets after it’s dry is pretty awesome.
– Plus point when traveling! You do not need to lug or fill your tiny travel bottles with your special shampoo and conditioner. Mostly every store all around the world (hopefully!) will sell baking soda and vinegar (white distilled is fine if you can’t find ACV). I never worry about liquids when I go through security at the airports!
– If there is a time you want to feel like having a soapy, bubbling feel on your head but you don’t want to revert back to those commercial shampoos, try out Radiant Shampoo which is made with coconut oil and palm oil. I get mine at the organic section of Village Grocer, Bangsar Village (BV). I then rinse with carbonated water.
– You will find that your hair will smell like nothing. I like it. If you don’t, you will need to add some essential oils to your solution — you can google it to find out what kinds of essential oils are safe.
– I know most No Poo reviewers say that they don’t need to wash their hair as often, but when living in a hot and humid country like Malaysia, that might not really work. And when you’re sweating, washing with only water just doesn’t cut it. I find that I will need to wash every other day or after.
– Washing too often makes me feel like I need to treat my hair weekly or every fortnight. I like to condition my whole head with ripe, mashed avocado. You will need to make sure that no green bits stick in your hair after washing! I’ve read people like to condition their hair with coconut milk (santan), but I find it gets too oily for me.
– I find that this No Poo works best with shorter hairstyles. Once your hair grows more than shoulder-length, it might tend to tangle more in the shower. When this happens, I condition my ends with nice oils like Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), Argan Oil, or Jojoba Oil (all are 100% oils).

Tips – How I No ‘Poo:
– I use Wilton’s Mini Decorating Squeeze Bottles (sold in a pack of two) – you can google this to see it. I make a baking soda solution in one bottle and a vinegar rinse in the other. The cone tip ensures I get this solution onto my scalp well.
– I’ll squeeze the baking soda solution all over my scalp and then use a round shampoo comb (google image this) and massage my head. If you don’t have this, just use your fingertips and rub your scalp to ensure the solution gets on every surface. You can leave it on or rinse it off immediately. I don’t usually leave it on for more than a minute as I feel the massage has done its job well.
– After I thoroughly rinse the baking soda solution off my scalp, I’ll squeeze on the ACV solution (or carbonated water) all over my scalp and then massage with the round shampoo comb. I will also comb through my hair until the end (unlike the baking soda step. With the baking soda, I just concentrate on my scalp). If I use carbonated water, I won’t rinse my hair. If I use the ACV solution, I will rinse my scalp and hair thoroughly because I do not want it to get into my pores and make me smell.
– Leave to air-dry or blow-dry. If you feel the need to oil your ends, do it. I feel anything shorter than shoulder-length is basically fuss-free.


7 thoughts on “Natural No Poo Hair Care

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  3. Hi! You’re the first Malaysian blogger I’ve seen doing no poo! That’s great! I’ve joined a group in facebook but there are so little of Malaysian in that group. By the way, I’ve been no pooing for almost 5 months now and I’m sitll trying to find the best one for myself. Because like what you said, ACV smells when sweat.
    I’m planning to look for citric acid or some lemon juice as well.

    • Hey Kim! Thanks for your comment 🙂 Yes, I’ve tried lemon juice to sub the ACV and it’s great! I recently read about an egg yolk only wash. Haven’t tried it out yet, but will soon hopefully!

      • Wow! Lemon juice! Do u squeeze it fresh everytime you want to use? I’m now based in sabah for my degree. It is sometimes quite inconvenient for me to get something.

        • Yup, I bought some lemons and squeezed them fresh every time before use. You don’t really need a lot though 🙂 For my just below shoulder-length hair, I use just 1/4 of the lemon for one use (sometimes less). I slice a lemon in half, then another half and squeeze that quartered lemon wedge into my squeeze bottle and top it up with water. It makes your hair shiny cos the lemon has oils. I keep the remaining unused cut lemon in my fridge. I’ve read that some people squeeze half a lemon, mix it up in the bottle and use half of that mixture and keep the remainder in their fridge. Feel free to let me know your update and if you have any tips to share. Good luck!

          PS: When squeezing the juice into my bottle, I use a strainer. It’s not nice to have bits of lemon in your hair!

  4. Hi Warmfuzzy I am journalist from local newspaper, i am very interested on this topic but can’t find anyway to contact you. i wonder if you could send me your contact details? you can pm me on facebook, thank you!

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