My husband went on a bulletproof diet earlier this year. He would start his day with a cup of bulletproof coffee. To make bulletproof coffee, it’s best to use MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil. Before we got hold of it, I made do with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) as we always have it in our pantry.

Once we bought the MCT oil, he encouraged me to take some of it due to its benefits like providing instant energy, improve metabolism, etc. I wasn’t too keen on it as I didn’t think it would help me much. But I took it since it seemed to be doing him some good. I started out taking 1 teaspoon of it straight and built up to 1 tablespoon daily. 

I didn’t feel the instant energy that they claim, but I did notice one thing after awhile — my face felt smoother and my forehead cleared up a bit. Previously when I was taking VCO, my face felt smoother but it got oilier. So I stopped as I didn’t like having an oily face. Now with MCT, it’s just nice. Well, that’s my experience with MCT oil. Don’t know how it’ll benefit you.


2 thoughts on “MCT Oil

  1. Hi warmfuzzy,

    Im so glad that ur husband is also on bulletproof diet. My husband is on bulletproof diet as well.
    I wish we could chat further.
    Im searching for friends to join my adventure on bulletproof diet in Malaysia.

    For mct oils.. Im buying one in pharmacy its called valens enersos mct oil. Its abit pricey but its better taste (no coconut taste) then vco when mix with coffee and butter. I put about 2 tbs in my husband coffee.

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