About Me


I’m a petite Asian who loves eating delicious food! Who doesn’t?! I’m sure when we were kids, we just ate whatever we liked and never bothered about the health aspect of it. Even when I learned about the food pyramid in elementary school, I still didn’t want to eat any vegetables.

However, growing up, becoming an adult and having more faith in God has made me become more aware to take extra care of my body and soul. I’ve started out slowly and am still learning something new everyday.

Come follow my journey and let’s learn together, insyaAllah!

Disclaimer :  (I liked this paragraph from Real Food Freaks, so I’d like to quote it here.)

First, let me just say that you should believe NO ONE.  Not even us.  We present information for you to research for yourself and form your own opinions.

I’m not a licensed physician nor healthcare professional. All content on this blog should be used at your own discretion. You will be responsible for how you choose to utilize this content. I am also not sponsored nor paid by any company to promote their products. I am merely sharing what I like so that others may benefit too.