Face and No Poo

One more thing to add to the previous posts regarding no poo and my face (skin care) posts. Previously when I was wearing commercialised shampoo, my forehead would have some sandy acne. Not sure the cause of it. Anyway, when I cut my hair short (with a fringe) and started with no poo, I realised that the condition of my forehead was getting better and better. I associated it with the baking soda and ACV combo. I guess it works well with my skin. So now when I get pimples sometimes, I would just spot treat it with a solution of baking soda mixed with water (the amount would make an oxy-like pimple cream texture), leave it on for awhile and then wipe it off with a cotton pad soaked with some ACV diluted with water before the baking soda “cream” becomes dry.

Update: I’ve recently subbed the ACV with lemon juice and it works great as well!