A Little History of My Food Habits

When I was young, I remember that:

1) I didn’t eat a lot of candy because Mum was frugal and didn’t think it was a necessary purchase. Plus she had to say no to certain items as they were not ‘halal‘ (permissible according to Islamic law). We were living in the States at the time.

2) I drank a lot of plain, cold water because that’s what Mum stocked in the fridge

3) I loved eating anything spicy — noodles, crabs, chips

4) I loved to bake cookies and cakes

Image by Milkdoll

As an adult, I find that:

1) I still don’t eat candy because (besides it being unhealthy) I find them too sweet. Thanks, Mum! I love you!

2) I still love drinking plain room-temp water. And whenever I can, I drink lots of young coconut water. Alhamdulillah, I live in Malaysia where it’s so easy to find. I really wish I had a coconut tree plantation though.

3) I really love spicy Thai food. I could eat a good, spicy Tom Yam everyday for the rest of my life

4) I still love baking cookies and cakes. Even more now since I get to control what goes in it